Francisco Lacerda is a Portuguese artist and started to paint in 2005, when he was young. He creates Art that reflects the relationship between color, science, nature and art. 
Landscapes, photographs (and/or works by other artists), psychoanalysis, neuroscience, as well as personal thoughts, dilemmas, dreams and memories inspire his Art. 
Francisco Lacerda has studied in the business, arts and gemology. Besides painting, he does also photography and art installations. He is also an art curator for the brand of USIA and also an Art Critic for USIAREVIEW magazine. Both USIA and USIAREVIEW brands are own by Francisco Lacerda.

Photo: Francisco Lacerda ( on back Marmottan Museum, Monet, Lilies 32)
Seal Chandelier, 2012
Get Smart, 2012. Lamp, 180x2x5 cm