"Spanish Girl", 2012
120 W x 100 H x 2 D cm
"Spanish Broken", 2014
80 W x 80 H x 2 D cm
Acrylic on Canvas
One-of-a-kind piece
Ownership: Sold to Private Individuals, Portugal and USA

About this artwork: Since 2011 this work has been the most important abstract artwork of the artist Francisco Lacerda. This artwork represents the colors of Spanish culture and the lifestyle of Spanish people.
The movements in the painting are the movements of a Spanish girl, dancing the famous dance called “Flamenco”. But mean time, the artist tell us that we can see more than a “flamenco” dance, we can see the movement of a big and colored culture. We can see a big country where different people, with many different cultures and visions, after the civil war of 1939, created together a strong country. We can see that in the warm colors represented by the red and orange, and the cold colors, represented by the blue and purple. The black and white are the harmony colors to the artwork.