"Religion - Alentejo House", 2012
50 W x 50 H x 2 D cm
Acrylic on Canvas
One-of-a-kind piece
Ownership: Sold to Private Individual, Portugal

About this artwork: "At least 108 million people were killed in wars in XX century. No bigotry, hated or prejudice should be allowed. The way we view and judge others is a reflection of ourselves. Religion has a deep meaning in Portuguese culture. My view of the church is that we shall respect any type of religion as well any type of religion should respect all types of people religions or non-religious. I try to view the life in a positive way. Religion is part of our intimate, not public life. Most wars I have studied were based on religion or nationality. Which one is worst? I don't know. All i know is that we can not live in a world where our lives depend only on segregation and low culture discussions. Self-esteem is the base of society mentality today." Francisco Lacerda